Leib Restoran OÜ



  • Reg. Code: 12094414
  • VAT: EE101443168
  • Uus 31, Tallinn 10111
  • +372 6119026
  • info@leibresto.ee


Dear guest, Leib restaurant is reborn. Please visit us at: www.leeresto.ee

Food & Drinks

Leib is run by two professional foodies –
a chef and a sommelier

It is our dream come true - having our own restaurant

  • Janno Lepik

    Head chef

  • Kristjan Peäske


And meet the rest of our team

  • Kristo Malm

    Executive Chef

  • Eliise-Hanna Hermann

    Head Waitress

  • Sirli Lees

    Head Waitress

  • Maris Veski

    Restaurant Manager

every dish in leib tells a story We invite you to the table to share these stories.