Leib Restoran OÜ



  • Reg. Code: 12094414
  • VAT: EE101443168
  • Uus 31, Tallinn 10111
  • +372 6119026
  • info@leibresto.ee


We work with dozens of Estonian farmers, butchers, and fishermen to make our food from the most authentic and fresh local ingredients.

  • Kopra karjamõisa farm
    Organic vegetables

  • Järveotsa quail farm
    Quail meat

  • Muhe-Mahe
    Organic vegetables

  • Kalamatsi dairy
    Organic dairy products made from both goat milk as well as cow milk

  • Tiigikalda bird farm
    Free-range ducks and chickens

  • South-Estonian Food Network

  • Liivimaa Lihaveis
    Beef from pasture-raised Hereford and Aberdeen Angus beef cattle

  • Luke farm dairy
    Handmade mould-ripened and cream cheeses

  • Karuaseme farm                    Poultry and rabbit meat


  • Lämminakas                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Organic  sprouts


Ceramics and glass solutions for Leib Resto.

Time period: 03.12.2012‒28.06.2013,

We greatly appreciate your support for the joint project by Leib Resto and the Estonian Academy of Arts, which served the purpose of manufacturing tableware prototypes for the restaurant.

From 10 October 2011 to 31 January 2012, Enterprise Estonia’s start-up and development grant programme helped private limited company Leib Restoran OÜ acquire fixed assets.

Leib Resto is recommended by Star Wine List.

Star Wine List, the guide to great wine bars and restaurants in Tallinn.