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  • Uus 31, Tallinn 10111
  • +372 6119026
  • info@leibresto.ee

To make a really great memory of your evening, invite Kristjan to tell you everything he knows about wine or beer. He has repeatedly been named the best sommelier of Estonia and the Baltics.

But most importantly, his workshops are cool and fun! Here’s what we think might be fun for you:

a) A wine tasting event: how wine is made? how do we get bubbles? what’s sherry?

b) A beer degustation: what makes a great beer? Discover new tastes from small local breweries.

c) Or challenge us! Think of a beverage you want to know more about. We’re up to talking about it, or, if we really can’t, we’ll happily invite the right person to join us for the evening.

    Send us an email or call us for an offer