Leib Restoran OÜ

  • Monday  – Sunday 12 – 23
  • Reg. Code: 12094414
  • VAT: EE101443168
  • Uus 31, Tallinn 10111
  • +372 6119026
  • info@leibresto.ee


we bring the farm to your table

Leib is a labour of love, a three-way partnership between a chef, a sommelier and the farmers.


Dear guests,

We are celebrating Estonian holiday,

therefore we are open today 19th of August until 22.00.

On 20th of August we are open starting from 17.00

Food & Drinks

Leib is run by two professional foodies –
a chef and a sommelier

It is our dream come true - having our own restaurant

  • Janno Lepik

    Head chef

  • Kristjan Peäske


And meet the rest of our team

  • Kristo Malm

    Executive Chef

  • Eliise-Hanna Hermann

    Head Waitress

  • Sirli Lees

    Head Waitress

  • Marko Tomberg

    Sous Chef

  • Tauno Tamm

    Sous Chef

  • Maris Veski

    Restaurant Manager

every dish in leib tells a story We invite you to the table to share these stories.