Leib Restoran OÜ

  • Tuesday – Friday 18 – 23
  • Saturday 12 – 23
  • Sunday – Monday CLOSED


  • Reg. Code: 12094414
  • VAT: EE101443168
  • Uus 31, Tallinn 10111
  • +372 6119026
  • info@leibresto.ee


Soulful, casual dining

Leib means black bread in Estonian and for a reason we have chosen it to be our name!

Good old Estonian black bread – fresh, warm, simple, and honest – It’s what we grow up with and what we dream about when away. It’s what we, Estonians, are really.

Our passion is using simple Estonian ingredients to build a creative seasonal menu.

Food & Drinks

Leib is run by two professional foodies –
a chef and a sommelier

It is our dream come true - having our own restaurant

  • Janno Lepik

    Head chef

  • Kristjan Peäske


And meet the rest of our team

  • Kristo Malm

    Executive Chef

  • Elen Torn

    Restaurant Manager

  • Ketri Leis


Great food is our passion, Estonia is the playground

Leib Resto ja Aed is all about fresh local food. We work with small local
organic farms, butchers and fishermen. We believe in simple local dining.